A new developer has achieved a way to run Flightgear on Android phones.
The project codename will be FOA.
He has done allot of Android and C++ coding. 
His phone is a Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 and was running Android 4.04 (Custom ROM but stock ROM should be OK). If your ready to test with us, please read the technical info then send a email to!

It should have at least a 1GHz processor and decent graphics chip.Android 2.3 is a must but a rooted device is not needed but can improve performance.
Not much in this page, as we haven't finished it to a release yet. 
He tested it on a bluetooth keyboard and a wired one through usb host mode.
More info to come shortly and screen-shots. Hope your interested. 

spitfirebruce21, sebasgokart & BlueSnowMan 


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